Wednesday 17 March 2010

Some busy weekend days and sun outside... not so much time to sit behind the computer & update this blog...

But here are some images to show our week(s):

We visited the stables of the Chateau de Versailles and watched a training performance of the Lusitano horses.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside... If you're interested, have a look at
And of course, still real Dutchies, we went by bike!

Furthermore, we had some unexpected guests in our garden:

The black and white cats were pretty friendly, the reddish one quite unfriendly and Senna (in her own garden) got scared and took off!

At home, we had some guests as well and because of the springy weather, it needed to feel like spring at the table too:

Outside it was still too pale, so I added some colour (but there's still a lot to be done!!):

Apart from all this, the guest room has been painted, curtains are up there, so are the lamps on the wall (now just need to clean & decorate the room), big lamps are hanging above the dining table, as are the lamps in the hall way and the living room, etc. Quite productive, don't you think?

Have a lovely week!!

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Flora M said...

OMG ... my dear ... just glanced thru your blog. Can't help but wonder why on earth was I not in contact with you after Katrina left!!! Hopefully we can stay in touch! Really really love your blog. Love the photo of Senna running away from a cat!

FEDERICA said...

Wish you a lovely day,

Solange said...

wat fijn om in zo een prachtige omgeving te wonen, volgende week ga ik zelf heerijk in de tuinen van versailles wandelen met mijn man, mijn favoriet is de hameau de la reine. prachtig.
fijne dagen en geniet van je nieuwe huis!

Janean said...

Mooie foto's van de bloemen!!!

Zo schattig dat Kassie weg liep. ..just maakt mij wil omhelzen haar.

De tulpen op uw tafel zijn verrukkelijk. u bent een bezige dame geweest.

beautiful photos of the flowers!!!

so cute that Senna ran away...just makes me want to hug her.

the tulips on your table are delightful. you've been a busy lady.

Unknown said...

TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs, heb ik compleet gemist dat je verhuist bent!!!! Dichter bij "huis";).....wat een verschil zal dat zijn!!!



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